Project Breakthrough Real Review

2-728x90So.. what’s all the Project Breakthrough buzz about right?


Well, in this page I’ll give my real (honest) review about the new 14-days program everyone’s talking about in the online marking industry. (See my income proof below).

First things first..

Who’s behind all this?

The people behind it are Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain from High Traffic Academy. Both individuals are well respected in the online space and have very efficient sales approach (meaning they know how to get people to buy stuff). This is great if you ever try to promote any of their products/service as an affiliate.

Vick Strizheus in particular, holds the world-record (in the network marketing industry) for generating the most amount of money within 30-days . Here’s how much he was able to make: $720,000. It’s fair to say that the guy knows what he’s doing. Also, he has created some of the most highest converting funnels in the business. Jason owns multiple successful dot-com businesses.

In 2009, Vick founded what’s called High Traffic Academy. An educational platform that focuses on helping marketers become experts in traffic generation as well as converting their traffic into more leads and sales. Today, HTA is a fairly big community and it continues to grow each year.

What exactly is Project Breakthrough?

It’s a step-by-step educational program that teaches regular people (even total beginners) how to start earning money online in 14 days. The program is very easy to follow but requires some commitments if you really want to get the most out of it. Everything is explained in great detail and it teaches things like:

  • Choosing the right product to promote.2-336x280
  • Creating a campaign blueprint
  • Building your custom landing page/funnel
  • Sending traffic to your landing page/funnel
  • Converting the traffic into leads
  • Converting the leads into sales
  • Scaling your results by becoming an expert in the process

So in a nutshell, you’ll go through the 14-day program and (in the process) you’ll learn how to make money online (the proper way) by promoting the program itself or any other product/service you want. Once you’ve reached Day 14 in the program, you’ll have the opportunity to GRADUATE from it which basically means you’ll become a master (sorry, I have no other words to describe it).

So is the program really FREE?

Yes, which means: It’s completely free for you to go through the entire program, BUT in order for you to actually do the things they tell you to do you will need to invest some money (just like with any other business). You’ll need to have tools like: An auto-responder, website, landing page/funnel (which comes free, but I explain this later), website tracking tools. If you don’t know how to use any of the tools I’ve mentioned then don’t worry because they teach you exactly how to use them in the program.

Now.. Here’s what your commitment will be. If you’re really interested in getting the best out of the 14-day program then you’d probably have to become an Elite member of HTA which is a $297/mo membership, and by doing so you’ll have access to the income streams attached with Project Breakthrough which basically means that if you decide to promote the program (Project Breakthrough) yourself then you’ll be able to earn extra commissions when people that you refer purchase their necessary tools like the auto-responder, website etc.. Do you get it now?  Great.

BUT, besides having access to the income streams attached in the Project Breakthrough funnel you’ll also enjoy the value you get from just being a HTA Elite member. I know this because I am an Elite member myself and I’ve been happy so far with the value I get. As an Elite you’ll have access to private webinars, training, hangouts, Elite live-chat support (online 90% of the time), great community of other Elites willing to help you and much more.

So how did Project Breakthrough come about?

Well, it’s stated in the actual website. According to Vick & Jason (High Traffic Academy) they surveyed 2700 people in the “work from home” industry and asked them how much money they were making online.. Apparently, the results weren’t as expected in fact, almost 90% of the people said they make less than $100 per month online. Vick & Jason felt the need to create a free program (Project Breakthrough) which would focus on teaching people step by step how to start earning money online (the proper way) in a 14-days. That’s why today there’s a Project Breakthrough. Thanks Vick & Jason. : )

What do I personally think about Project Breakthrough, Vick & Jason and High Traffic Academy?

Here’s my honest opinion about it, and I’m not going to sugar coat anything.

If you do exactly what the program teaches you (and that includes becoming an Elite) then you’ll have an incredible opportunity to succeed online. As an internet marketer myself I’ve never seem this much information given out for free. But, I know for a fact that only about 10% of the people going through the program will be successful (and that’s not the program’s fault) here’s why I believe this:

About 60 people out of 100 will simply not care about their current situation and won’t watch more than 1 video in the program. 20 will be interested to know more about it so they’ll watch a few more videos. 10 will watch most videos, but won’t make any commitments (who knows why?), and ONLY 10% will actually become Elites and will go through the entire program, will implement the stuff they learn and will eventually see results (like I have).

Vick & Jason are probably the smartest people I’ve come across in the online marketing industry. Some people might not like the fact that they actually know how to sell their stuff and get people engaged. But hey, how can we hate on that? It’s just a skill that they have perfected over the years. I just truly appreciate that they would even care to put together a program like Project Breakthrough for other motivated marketers like myself to benefit from. Both Vick and Jason will literally do anything for their members. They will support you unconditionally and do whatever it takes to ensure your success. Only as long as YOU do what is required of YOU.

I look at it like this:

What if a multi-millionaire businessman offered you a system that you could use for yourself to learn valuable information and make tons of cash from it while he takes a cut from your earnings? I’m pretty sure you’d say YES where’s the system! OR if you have the resources, TIME, money and skills to build the system yourself then by all means go and do your thing.

That’s exactly how I look at Project Breakthrough.

Hope you have enjoyed my honest review!

Here’s the Official Project Breakthrough if you’re interested in joining.

Income Proof

Here’s how much money I’ve made so far thanks to Project Breakthrough (I’ll update the image every week):

Project Breakthough Real Review (Income proof)

As you can see I’ve been able to generate almost $2,000 in 2 weeks and I haven’t promoted the program as much.

Note: This is only possible if you follow EACH step and make the necessary commitments as I explained in the review. *Results are dependent upon your ability to execute what is taught, therefore, results may vary.